​​2018 Indy International Wine

Competition Winner!

2018 ​​Great American International Wine Competition Winners!

Chardonnay Unoaked 2018 Reserve $29 DRY
Estate grown! A buttery beginning with hints of lemon, apple, and pear compliment ths full bodied wine.
Chardonnay Oaked 2018 Reserve $33 DRY
Estate grown! Light oak, vanilla and lemon on the nose with a citrus beginning and buttery pear finish. Smooth and well balanced.
Polite Disillusionment $27 DRY
A light and fruity dry white blend of Seyval, Vidal, and Cayuga grapes.
Sparkling Michigan Bubbly $23 DRY
Apple and Pear aromas with honey accents and a crisp, off-dry finish. SOLD OUT!
Pandora's Bottle $22 SEMI-DRY
A French Vouvray style Vidal wine. Light, sweet, and fruity with a crisp finish.
Seyval Blanc 2016 Reserve $26 SEMI-DRY
Estate Grown! Smooth passionfruit and citrus flavors with a crisp and refreshing finish. SOLD OUT!
Fruit Belt Peach $16 SEMI-DRY
A semi-dry white grape wine with peach flavors. SOLD OUT!
Riesling 2018 Reserve $26 SEMI-SWEET
Estate Grown! Peach blossom floral notes. Refreshing honey and peach on the tongue with a smooth finish.
Sucré Blanc Reserve $22 SEMI-SWEET
Estate Grown! Semi-sweet traminette with floral aromas and pear flavors finishing light and smooth.
Riesling 2017 Reserve $26 SWEET
Estate Grown! Lightly spicy, floral notes and flavors of apple and peach.
Vineyard 2121 White $17 SWEET
A sweet white wine with a balance of melon, citrus, peach, and honey flavors.
Traminette 2017 Reserve $22 SWEET
Estate Grown! A sweet white wine with soft floral notes. Crisp and clean with a smooth honey finish.
Traminette 2018 Reserve $22 SWEET
Estate Grown! Pronounced floral notes. Vanilla, honey and nectarine flavors with a light citrus finish.
Sweet Autumn Riesling $26 SWEET
Estate Grown! A crowd favorite - smooth and balaned with prominent flavors of honey and peach.
Peach Passion Spumante $22 SWEET
A sparkling wine with passion fruit juice and peach flavor. Sweet, bubbly, and delightful! SOLD OUT!
Cabernet Sauvignon Rose 2018 Reserve $33 DRY
Estate Grown! Bursting with rose and hibiscus aromas. Flavors of strawberry and watermelon. SOLD OUT!
Longing Lips Dry Rosé $28 DRY
A dry blend of Pinot Noir, Chambourcin, Chancellor, Merlot and Cabernet Franc. SOLD OUT!
Vineyard 2121 Rosé Reserve $19 SWEET
Estate Grown! Soft rose aromas and flavors of strawberry rhubarb jam and tarragon.
Vineyard 2121 Blush $17 SWEET
Fresh and crisp, this blush gives a hint of spice with a "jammy" Catawba grape flavor.
Third Time's a Charm $39 DRY
Estate Grown! A balanced blend of the big three: Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot.
Miss Fortune $29 DRY
A light blend of Chambourcin, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Cabernet Franc.
Merlot 2016 Reserve $39 DRY
Estate Grown! Soft beginning with hints of plum and fig. Slightly tart finish with blackberry and currant flavors.
Cabernet Franc 2016 Reserve $39 DRY
Estate Grown! Oaked for two years. Roasted pepper on the nose leading to plum, cherry and currant flavors.
Cabernet Sauvignon 2016 Reserve $39 DRY
Estate Grown! Rose and licorice notes. Flavors of blackberry, dark cherry and pink peppercorn and a light vanilla finish.
Le Rouge De Trois $27 DRY
Estate Grown! Unoaked blend of Marachel Foch, De Chaunac, and Rougeon grapes.
De Chaunac Prés Du Lac $25 DRY
Estate Grown! Lightly oaked De Chaunac with a smoky aroma and flavor.
Fruit Belt Raspberry $16 SEMI-SWEET
A sweet red grape wine infused with raspberry flavors. SOLD OUT!
Scarlett's Libation $18 SEMI-SWEET
A versatile sweet red wine with a full mouth feel of berry and a soft finish. SOLD OUT!
Vineyard 2121 Red $17 SWEET
Vibrant ruby red color with intense cherry taste and aromas. Sweet and smooth.
Fruit Belt Cranberry $16 SWEET
A sweet red grape wine with natural cranberry flavors. SOLD OUT!
Pappy's Hard Apple Cider $8 SEMI-SWEET
Golden Delicious and Gala apple flavors. IN STORE ONLY!
Pappy's Hard Cherry Cider $8 SEMI-SWEET
Our Hard Apple cider with cherry and almond. Sweet and tart. **CONTAINS ALMOND EXTRACT** IN STORE ONLY!

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